Lunacia is a familiar landscape for those who play Axie Infinity, and the bubbly pets are now able to race and run in the rolling hills and steep mountains across the land to be the best, the number one.

Axie with a race flag

Our Team

Mateus Rocha profile photo
Mateus Rocha

Has been tinkering with Unity Engine since 2015, has a major in Digital Games 2018, as a programmer and 3d artist.

Matheus Barbosa Rocha profile photo
Matheus Barbosa
Game Designer

Also known in our team as Formiga, he has always a fan of japanese culture since his childhood, Formiga has been passionate about designing games from an earlier age, and is a great RPG master.

Mardeson Herculano profile photo
Mardeson Herculano
programmer / SCRUM MASTER

Front-end developer, has experience with agile projects and social media management. Enthusiastic about game development since 2010.

Marcus Matheus profile photo
Marcus Matheus
Sound Designer / Comunity manager

2 years of experience as sound designer, game design and Q&A. Has been a Twitch streamer for 2 years now, presenting games, reviewing and covering events.

Felipe Gobbi profile photo
Felipe Gobbi
programmer / PROJECT MANAGER

Our newest addition to the team, Gobbi has a major in Digital Games and a MBA in Project Management and is coming to help us integrate both our team and our game with the ronin ecosystem.

Hyuan Farrapo profile photo
Hyuan Farrapo
Game/Fullstack Developer

Acting in the game development area for about 4 years, he has knowledge about creating immersive experiences, and core integrations, acting as a fullstack support for the project.

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